NCR Trail – Hanover Junction

NCR Trail – On June 9, 2012, a walk through Hanover Junction

turned out to be a real treat! Some early model cars were in the parking lot. They were in excellent shape and impressive! Look at the detail, black wall tires with golden spoke wheels, white wall tires with red spoke wheels, chrome bumpers, and shiny fenders!

I did not stay long enough to talk with the gentlemen showing their pride and joys, but I thank them for being there!

If you ever walk or ride the NCR Trail in Pennsylvania, be sure to check out Hanover Junction. The building has been restored. There are placards explaining the history. There are restrooms, soda machines and even some sculptures to be admired. Check out the museum while your there!

Digital Image along the NCR Trail at Hanover Junction

NCR Trail at Hanover Junction – NCR Trail is known as the Heritage Rail Trail Park in Pennsylvania

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