Springtime Riders on the Torrey C Brown Rail Trail

Springtime Riders on the Torrey C Brown Rail Trail

Spring is in the early phase. These Riders are heading toward Walker Road, Bentley Springs and Freeland. The bridge is Interstate 83 (32-33 mile marker) crossing over the trail at the (trail) 13.6 mile marker.

Both spans of the bridge were replaced around the 2005 and 2006 time frame!

As these riders pass I83 they will see new houses up on the hill towards the West. This area is know as Walker Station. Over the years this has been a common area for deer, fox, squirrel and black snakes to cross the trail.

Little Falls meanders the West side of the trail.

Horses and horse riders are often seen on this section of the trail. Please be aware and be carefull!

Digital Image of Springtime Riders - Bicycling - Torrey C. Brown Trail

Image taken March 30, 2013 – In Maryland the NCR Trail is also known as the Torrey C Brown Trail



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