Raystown Lake Boating and More

Raystown Lake has Boating,  Camping, Fishing, Picnicking, Hiking, Water Skiing,  Kayaking, Swimming, cliff diving and Sightseeing.

There are two campgrounds at the lake. One at Seven Points on the Northwest side of the lake and the other on the Southeast side of the lake.

Reservations are needed well in advance.

There are other campgrounds in the lake area (not on the lake) that are private. Check them out.

It may be a little easier to find vacancies. Especially last minute.

There are many boat ramps around the lake.

Raystown Lake is a Reservoir Created Lake.

It is a Management Project of the US Army Corps of Engineers

Digital Image of Raystown Lake - Huntingdon County - Pennsylvania

Image Taken June 23, 2012


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