NCR Trail – Main Street New Freedom

NCR Trail – Main Street New Freedom

A busy image!

In the left is the old sign to the former location of Paesano’s. That location is now a hobby shop! On the right, is a sign advertising the lighting of the Christmas tree for the 2013 holidays. The NCR trail crossing is at the point where the cones are on the right. The wagon and horses are crossing the railroad tracks The front of the Steam into History building is on the left. The autumn banners are hanging from the utility poles. Paesano’s is located in the Summit building on the right (off image and just past the Stop sign).

Main Street New Freedom is at about the 1.33 mile marker along the NCR Trail.


Digital Image of the NCR Trail and Main Street New Freedom

Image taken November 10, 2013 – In Pennsylvania, the NCR Trail is also known as the Heritage Rail Trail Park


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