Lake Williams – Eastside – Trail 4 – Jacobus – Pennsylvania

Lake Williams – Eastside

A part of Trail 4 at William H Kain Park, runs between the Eastside of Lake Williams and South George Street. It is an easy trail to walk. Some up and down hill. Parking is available at the Main Boat Launch for Lake Williams off of Water Street.

Digital Image of Trail 4 William H Kain Park

Image Taken August 18, 2015

There is an opening in the trees along with a bench where one can get a wonderful view of the lake. With quiet waters and a view kayakers, canoers and fishing boats it just adds to the ambiance. Although not in the image balow a couple canoers were fishing the lake just the other side of the trees on the right.

Trail 4 - Lake Williams - Eastside View

Image Taken August 18, 2015

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