Wildlife along the Heritage Rail Trail Park

Wildlife along the Heritage Rail Trail Park

On Saturday Morning a 4 mile walk in the New Freedom (PA) and Railroad areas was in order.

The start was at the Rail Trail Cafe in New Freedom.

First leg was down to the 1 mile marker.

The Steam Into History Locomotive was in the garage when I passed the train station.

It was being prepped for a day’s worth of work.

Two conductors were relaxing before going to work.

They were seated in one of the train cars parked on the tracks outside the garage.

On the way down the hill near the two mile marker, this bear was spotted sitting on the bench.

It seemed pretty tamed.

Come to think of it on the return back up the hill from the three mile marker it was still there!

No other bears were spotted on any other parts of this walk.

Temperature was in the 70.s for this morning walk!





Wildlife of a Bear Spotted Along the Heritage Rail Trail Park

Image Taken June 11, 2016

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