Autumn 2015 – Gunpowder Falls – Hereford, Maryland

Autumn 2015 – Gunpowder Falls – Scenery

Between the Gunpowder Falls South Trail and the Gunpowder Falls is this beautiful site!

This is  between Falls Road and Masemore Road in Parkton/Hereford, Maryland.

The image was shot using the expressive mode of he camera on October 13, 2015.

There was a bit of a breeze.

The Leaves were falling from the trees.

After they hit the water they would travel down stream towards the camera!

Check out the Video below.

People were fly fishing the Gunpowder while the images were taken.

Digital Image Expressive Mode - Autumn 2015 - Gunpowder Falls - Parkton Maryland

Image Taken October 13, 2015


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