NCR Trail – Twelve Point Two Five Mile Marker

The NCR Trail – Twelve Point Two Five mile marker is a great place to visit!

This location is a great place to view to the falls.

It is a wonderful place to take a break.

There is a picnic table at this point of the trail

There are several vantage points to view the falls.

This image was taken from the rocks just below the Picnic Table.

The walk started at the Frederick Rd Parking area and proceeded down to the Twelve Mile Marker!

The trail has about 3 inches of wet snow!

It was a bit hard to trek snow as the boot sunk in to the snow at each step.

A cross country skier gave up on his return trip as he was seen carrying the skis down the trail.

Too make the walk an even 2 miles round trip, a visit to the thirteen mile marker was in order.

The snow was deeper between the parking area and the 13 mile marker.

If you are looking for a great place to walk, winter or summer, this is it.

The scenery is fantastic!

Digital Image of the NCR Trail - Twelve Point Two Five

Image Taken February 10, 2016

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