View From the Falls Road Bridge – Parkton Maryland

A Southeastern View from the Falls Road Bridge in Parkton Maryland. This view was taken on December 29, 2017. The outside Temperature was 21 degrees. The image has been color enhanced, using the Gimp application. Gimp was running on a 16.04 version of Lubuntu Linux. We are in the process of learning how to use Gimp to enhance digital images. The […]

Gunpowder Falls Southeastern View

Ham Radio Deluxe Remote Server Registry Entry

Ham Radio Deluxe – Installed

Ham Radio Deluxe – Installed In the AB3BO ham shack, there are two Kenwood radios (a TS-480HX and a TS-2000). Each Radio is connected to its own HP Desktop PC. Each PC (Radio PC) had HRD 5.xx the free version loaded. One Radio PC has Windows 7 the other Windows 10. A Third PC, is my main pc for doing […]

CaraFest 2017 Image

CafaFest 2017 Images – October 1 – Amateur Radio

CaraFest 2017 The CaraFest is an Amateur Radio Hamfest that was held at the Howard County (Maryland) Fairgrounds on October 1. I attended in the morning. The images (below) were taken in the tailgate area and in the commercial hall. I was after two items on this visit. I was looking for cable ties and Heat Shrink. After working on motor […]

Lake Redman Water Levels Back to Normal

Lake Redman Water Levels have been restored. Work was being done on a new pump station. For over a year, water levels were reduced for the construction work. From this image It does not look like like water levels were restored. The field grasses grew high while the lake was low. Normally this view from the boardwalk would show no growth […]

Digital Image at Lake Redman in York County, PA