Tailgate Fest 2016 – Discussion – Images – Carroll County

The Tailgate Fest 2016  was a nice place to visit this Sunday August 21. This is put on each year by the Carroll County Amateur Radio Club. I saw no commercial vendors, but there were plenty of tailgaters selling their radios, antennas, cables and other goods I picked up an old Heathkit dummy load. It was something I needed a few […]

Tailgate Fest CCARC

Helicopter En-route to Jacobus PA

Helicopters Landing – En Route – Jacobus Pennsylvania

These are images of Helicopters Landing and En Route to Jacobus, Pennsylvania. Service people were participating in a practise exercise. Several helicopters were to land at this field site beside Water Street. Personnel in a vehicle were to retrieve a rescued person at Lake Williams. The vehicle was to bring the rescued patient back to the landing site. The first two images […]

Berryville Hamfest – Well Organized – Excellent Weather – August 7 – 2016

Berryville Hamfest – Attended August 7,  2016 Below are a series of images taken with an Iphone. Check the post below for an image showing my tracks. It took 1.5 hours to cruise tables, tailgaters, commercial and private vendors. The map represents 3 miles of walking! Not all areas are covered in the images below, but there is a nice selection! This […]

Owl Filmed By Kingsruhl Production

Owl – LaHo Trail – Wildasin Flats – Codorus State Park

Owl scene on a branch of the LaHo Trail at Codorus State Park! This was the view while walking the East Side of the trail. It first flew out ahead as I walked the trail. Later it landed on on this branch. There was enough time to get a few images. This creature eventually flew out of view in the general […]

Out On A Limb – Codorus State Park – Pennsylvania

This Egret is Out On A Limb at Codorus State Park along a side of Lake Marburg. The image was taken from a Hurricane Santee 126 Sport Kayak. We were about to complete a 2 hour run on the Lake. Pennsylvania Route 216 is shown in part by the bridge in the background. That is Bridge number 3. Trail Loop Number […]

Out On A Limb

Image at - Baltimore Amateur Radio Club's Father's Day Hamfest - Commercial Vendor and Club Table Area

Sunday Hamfest – Baltimore Amateur Radio Club’s Hamfest

Sunday Hamfest was held at the Arcadia Vol. Fire Co. Carnival Grounds in Upperco, Maryland. There was a good line of tailgaters on Father’s Day – June 19, 2016! People were checking out an buying rigs, antennas, cable and many other odds and ends! Under the pavilion were commercial vendors like Sauder Electronics. They appeared to be busy! The the Baltimore Amateur […]

Interesting Walk – NCR Trail – Phoenix

Interesting Walk – June 16, 2016 An Interesting walk on the NCR Trail started at the Phoenix (MD) Parking Lot. This is at the 2 mile marker on the trail This was a muggy day for a walk. About 70 degrees with high humidity. At the 2.75 mile marker two deers crossed the trail. I assume they were going down to […]

Deer on the NCR Trail