White Blazed Rocky Trail – Rocks State Park

White Blazed Rocky Trail

is a about a 2.25 mile long trail in Rocks State Park.

There is some climbing and descent to the trail.

I walked the trail on a weekday when traffic was minimal.

2 Runners and another walker were encountered during this walk.

This walk started at the park office.

There is parking at the park office and a few hundred feet further East off of Rocks Chrome Hill Road.

Squirrels made up the majority of the wildlife encountered on this walk!

This is a really nice park!

There are places to picnic!

One can explore Deer Creek.

There are several other trails to hike!

Get out and check it out!

Digital Image of the White Blazed Rocky Trail - Rocks State Park

Image Taken May 11, 2015 – Rocks State Park opened in 1950

While walking the White Blazed Trail I wore my Garmin Forerunner to capture mileage, and walking rate.


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