Viewing Loch Raven Reservoir – Baltimore County

Viewing Loch Raven Reservoir

on a foggy day in January.

The camera was at home.

The Iphone would have to do!

Image is takem Just off of Loch Rave Drive in Baltimore County Maryland.

There were a few walkers and others out enjoying the area.

Temperature was in the fourtys.

The reflection of the water made for a great shot,

It was strange when birds would fly overhead as they were clearly visible in the reflection!

If you have a chance, check out this area during a weekday.

Parking is not available at this section on weekends!

For more infomation check out the Baltimore County page!

Viewing Loch Raven Reservoir - Loch Raven Drive

Image taken January 7, 2016 – Using Iphone 6

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