Turkey Point – Deer

Turkey Point – Deer – at Elk Neck State Park

On Saturday September 13, 2014, I parked the car at the parking lot at the bottom of Maryland route 272 at Elk Neck State Park. Nicholas our Yorkie and I walked up the trail to the Turkey Point Lighthouse. Along the way, three gentlemen in front of us pointed out this deer in the brush. The deer that was just off to the side of the trail. I was able to get a couple of images and then it took off deeper into the woods.

The day was cloudy when we were up there. There was some threat of rain but we managed to get the walk in without getting wet.

To get to Turkey Point, there is Parking at the bottom of Maryland Route 272. Park the car and walk the 1.25 miles along a trail. There are views of the bay, birds, birdwatchers and even deer that may be experienced on this walk to Turkey Point. A Bulletin Board with Map is available at the beginning of the trail. There are benches along the trail. There are plaques that explain the vegetation and birds that may be observed.

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Digital Image Taken at Elk Neck State Park - Turkey Point

Elk Neck State Park – Turkey Point – Image Taken Saturday September 13, 2014


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