Trail – Prettyboy Reservoir – Traceys Store Road

Trail – Prettyboy Reservoir

This trail is accessible from a parking area at Traceys Store Road.

This is on the South side of Prettyboy Reservoir.

Walking to the end of this (main) trail provides for a view of the Prettyboy Dam through the trees.

With this walk on January 17, 2015 I walked to the end of this trail where there is a court area.

On the return there is a trail off to the right  that forms a loop.

Taking that loop meets back up with the main train seen in this view.

Round trip is about 3 miles.

The area was not too busy.

Several people walking their dogs at various times.

It started snowing at the tail end of this walk.

There several other off shoots to this trail.

Check out Phil Manager’s map!

Trail - Prettyboy Reservoir

Image Taken January 17, 2016

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