Torrey C Brown Trail – Deer

A Summer walk on the Torrey C Brown Trail yielded a Deer in the brush off to the East.

This was in an area next to Little Falls North of Walker Road and South of the 15 Mile Marker.

It was a warm day. The Deer stuck around for a few pictures and then took off. deeper into the brush and out of site.

The trail was not too busy on this Thursday afternoon. It was about 4:30 on June 14, 2012. The trail usually starts picking up on traffic

as people get out of work and head out for a late afternoon / early evening walk.


Digital Image of a Deer near the Torrey C. Brown Trail Between Walker Road and the 15 mile marker in Parkton, Maryland

Torrey C Brown Trail – Deer – Image taken June 14, 2012 – In Maryland the NCR Trail  is also known as the Torrey C Brown Trail


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