NCR Trail – Singer Road

Singer Road crosses over the NCR Trail

on a Metal Bridge in New Freedom, Pennsylvania. This view looks downhill, South towards the Mason Dixon Line. This is an August 10, 2012 image. The original bridge at this location was built over a set of two tracks in 1905. Back in 1905 the land on the East side was the Bailey farm and not a housing development.

Major rework (repairs to the point of replacement) was conducted in 1995.

There is a book called Around New Freedom (PA) (Images of America) that has many interesting images and facts written in 2005 by Bob Ketenheim and published by Arcadia Publishing. Bob shows an image of the original bridge.

Update April 15, 2018: It appears the Singer Road Bridge is close to motor vehicle traffic. There are barriers blocking bridge usage. No word on when and if the bridge will open to thru traffic.

Digital Image of the Singer Road Bridge over the NCR Trail.

Singer Road on the metal bridge crosses over the NCR Trail at the Pennsylvania .5 mile marker. In Pennsylvania, the NCR Trail is also known as the Heritage Rail Trail Park.

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