Skiing in Vail – View from the Slope


Skiing in Vail

is spectacular. Here is an image taken in a multi trail merge area near Mdf-Vail. The lift on the right is the Mountain Top Express Lift Number 4, taking skiers up towards Buffalos, the Henrys Hut and the Patrol Headquarters area. The buildings on the left are the mid-vail buildings, including, the 10 restaurant, the lodge and  the top of the Gondola One lift. The Wildwood Express Lift appears in this image and takes skiers up to the Wildwood Lodge area.

When we ski at Vail we use Tecnica Ski Boots, Scott Ski Poles, Ski Hats/Masks, Ski Gloves, Ski Gloves, Sportswear Pants, Ski Jacket, and Ski Googles or Goggles!

Digital Image Skiing in Vail

Image taken March 1, 2013 with an Iphone 5

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