Serviced by Baer’s Repairs – Bush Hog Finishing Mower

Serviced by Baer’s Repairs

Earlier this summer (2015), the Brackets holding the Caster Assembly on to our FTH 720 Bush Hog Finishing Mower broke.

The metal on the top of the brackets broke and the Casters could no longer support the Mower!

Aaron Baer came to the rescue and welded some metal plates to repair the brackets and restore the mower to operational service.

Aaron did all four bracket support points!

We had new blades and Aaron did the replacement of the old blades at the same time he did the brackets.

It is great to have Aaron and Baer’s Repairs (410-357-5735) close by to help us out!

Thanks Aaron for your help!

We bought this mower (used) over 10 years ago and it has held up great! From time to time we have had to replace caster sleeves and bearings. We know when it is time by the amount of play in the wheels. The gearbox needs fluid from time to time. The blades need sharpening and replacement every now and then.

If you go to buy a used Bush Hog like this, check out the brackets! We have seen Bush Hog Mowers advertised in used equipment listings and have also seen broken brackets right in the advertisement pictures!

Digital Image of a Used Bush Hog FTH 720 - Service Performed by Baer's Repairs

Image Taken August 14, 2015


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