Please and Thank You


Please and Thank You

are great words to have built in to ones vocabulary.

Not only that but they should be put to use.

Please as an adverb is “used as a polite addition to request, commands, etc.”

Thank You as an adjective means “expressing one’s gratitude or thanks”


They should be taught to youngster by parents, churches and teachers.

We may forget to use them when we should or we may even drop them all-together due to bad habit!

Remember them and use them.

They can be put to great use in prayer.

Use them at work with the boss, with a co-worker, an employee.

Use them at the grocery store when checking out. Thank the cashier for their help.  Better yet get their name and say “thank you …name…”.

You will be glad you did and so will the other individual or group involved in the transaction!

Thank You to for the definitions.

And Thank You to those who have provided guidance, usage and examples in using of these words!


If you are looking for more information on Please and Thank You and good etiquette, checkout this book!



By the way, please come back and thank you for visiting!


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