Pinchot Lake – Kayaking – Summer 2015

Pinchot Lake – Kayaking – Summer 2015

A distant view of the boat landing No. 2. This image was taken from a shady spot along the Southeast side of Pinchot Lake.

The image is taken from a Sevylor Pointer K1 Inflatable Kayak.

It was a nice day to Kayak.

A storm had passed earlier in the day so this was an afternoon outing.

There were a few sail boats on the water. Kayaks were increasing in numbers as we toured!

According to Wikipedia, Pinchot Lake is about 340 acres within Gifford Pinchot State Park which is 2,238 acres.

Check out the Park and Lake. It is worth a visit!

Digital Image of Pinchot Lake - Kayaking

Image Taken July 18, 2015

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