Phoenix Maryland – Torrey C Brown Trail

Phoenix Maryland

is home of the 2 mile marker along the Torrey C Brown Trail.

On the day this image was taken, the parking spaces in the parking lot were occupied.

There were a couple spots available (on gravel) just North of the parking lot.

There were actually a few Veterans seen walking South towards the Ashland Road area.

Although the image does not show it, the trail was busy!

Leaves were mostly on the ground at this time of the year!

Back in June of 1922, the Pennsylvania Railroad was taking bids for excavation and masonry work to install more tracks

and improve the rail line in this area! (Railway Review, Volume 70 – 1922)

On August 9, 1915, a train was moving at a pretty good clip in this area when a large Oak tree fell on the first coach.

According to an article in the The Sun (Aug 10, 1915;)  “26 Hurt”.

Digital Image of the Torrey C Brown Trail at Phoenix Maryland

Image Taken Veterans Day – November 11, 2015 – In Maryland the Torrey C Brown Trail is also called the NCR Trail


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