Out On A Limb – Codorus State Park – Pennsylvania

This Egret is Out On A Limb at Codorus State Park along a side of Lake Marburg.

The image was taken from a Hurricane Santee 126 Sport Kayak.

We were about to complete a 2 hour run on the Lake.

Pennsylvania Route 216 is shown in part by the bridge in the background.

That is Bridge number 3.

Trail Loop Number 5 (Horse Trail) is up the hill from where this shot was taken.

Being a Friday Afternoon, the lake was not too busy.

Weather was excellent for a ride on the water!

A wedding reception with music and an emcee could be heard coming from top of the hill just past the marina!

During an earlier part of this voyage Osprey were seen active on their Long Island nest!

Overall we had a great time!

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Out On A Limb

Image Taken June 24, 2016

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