New Hobby

Looking for a New Hobby?

Are you looking for a new hobby to get into?

One interesting and fun hobby to consider is Model Railroading. The hobby can be relaxing, rewarding, and entertaining!

The hobby can be educational. This is one hobby where new skills can be learned and developed.

The hobby does  not have to be expensive. There are things one can do to get going. Becoming educated on the hobby is probably the best place to begin.

My friend Dan Morgan has authored a number of wonderful books that can help you learn the hobby in a step be step manner.

Dan shows the different scales of model railroading.

He provides information on tools that will help in the hobby.

There are discussions on planning layouts & how to save money in the building process.

Take a look at the books Dan is offering.

They are clear, precise, well written and up to date!

They can be a tremendous help in deciding on model railroading as a new hobby, on where to start , in moving forward,and how to proceed!

New Hobby

Model Trains for Beginners – One of a number of great books by Dan Morgan!