NCR Trail – Seven Valleys

NCR Trail – Walking through the Seven Valleys area of Pennsylvania

This is one of several Bicycle artistic views at the parking lot and rest stop along the NCR trail. While not available to ride, one surely can imagine and admire the work that must have gone into making such a Bicycle.  There are picnic tables, benches, shade and a bulletin board at this location. Parking is accessible along PA route 214 – Church Street. From the trail this rest stop is at the 11.75 mile marker.

According to an article in the Saturday August 17 1996 edition of The Sun, “A 135-ton Western Maryland diesel engine traveled more than 10 miles Thursday night — while Bob Dole was giving his acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention — before finally stopping in the borough of Seven Valleys.” (runaway from New Freedom on Thursday August 15, 1996)!

Here is some more info regarding the runaway Locomotive from the York Daily Record!

Digital Image of an NCR Trail - Art display of a Bicycle.

This image was take during a walk on June 9, 2012. In Pennsylvania, the NCR Trail is also known as the Heritage Rail Trail Park.

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