NCR Trail – Looking at the Detail

NCR Trail – The Details

While walking in the Railroad to Glen Rock areas of the trail, I have observed many of the rails have the word Steelton 19xx stamped on the side. According to some research, the vertical lines indicate the month. In this image, this rail was made in November of 1925.

The rails were made at the Steelton Plant in Steelton, Pennsylvania near Harrisburg.

Other rails I have seen, do not appear to be marked. Perhaps the stamps are covered. Perhaps they are on the bottom of the rail. Maybe I need to look harder.

According to this 2009 article at that time there were only 3 plants in the US still making steel rails. The Steelton plant was one of the 3.

Digital Image of the side of a rail along the NCR Trail

Along the Trail in Pennsylvania – The NCR Trail is known as the Heritage Rail Trail Park in Pennsylvania – Image taken July 16, 2012

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