NCR Trail – Horse Sculpture

NCR Trail – Horse Sculpture – Hanover Junction

I have been to Hanover Junction on a number of occasions over the years. I have taken digital images of this horse before! It has not moved since I have been taking shots. September 16, 2014 is the first time I took a look at what it was eating! It seems the horse is constructed with recycled bicycle parts. It has been consuming tricycles over the years! I do not see any kid parts inside. Luckily when it eats the tricycles the kids must be off of them!

Check out this horse when you walk or ride the NCR Trail at Hanover Junction! Someone did wonderful work on this horse! Stop and take the time to visit! No halter or lead line required!

Hanover Junction is at about the 10.5 mile marker along the NCR Trail.

Digital Image of a Horse Sculpture along the NCR Trail at Hanover Junction

Image taken September 16, 2014 – In Pennsylvania, the NCR Trail is also known as the Heritage Rail Trail Park.


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