NCR Trail – Glen Rock, Pennsylvania

Arriving in Glen Rock on the NCR Trail.

This is a view of the Borough and PA route 216 – Manchester/Main Street looking North.

A little bit further up the trail, and on the right, there is a mural painted on the back of a building. Still further and on the left there is a parking lot available for several vehicles. Benches are available in this area to allow the walker, jogger or biker to take a break.

There is a great deal of Civil War history associated with Glen Rock. Check out this article.

The NCR Trail has a pretty good pitch from New Freedom (818 ft) at the 2.75 mile marker, into Glen Rock (632 ft) 6.25 mile marker.

Digital Image of Glen Rock, PA from the NCR Trail - At the 6.25 mile marker.

NCR Trail – Glen Rock, Pennsylvania – Image taken April 19, 2012 – NCR Trail is known as the Heritage Rail Trail Park in Pennsylvania

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