NCR Trail – Gardens

NCR Trail – Gardens of New Freedom

When I walk the trail in New Freedom, Pennsylvania, sometimes I park at the Freeland, Maryland Parking Lot and walk the 2.5-3 mile hike up the hill. Other times I park at the Municipal parking lot at the 1.25 mile marker in New Freedom or the 1.5 mile parking lot at the train station.

One nice treat in the spring, summer and fall are the flowers growing along the trail in New Freedom. The gardens are well maintained and there are flowers planted from the 1 mile marker up to the train station. Some folks must be working quite hard. The evidence shows it.

Check out this article in the York Daily Record by Barb Krebs 06/28/2011, for more information on the folks who “beautify rail trail”.

In this image, is one of the many sunflowers I saw during my July 10, 2012 walk.

Digital Image of the NCR Trail - Gardens in New Freedom, Pennsylvania

NCR Trail – Gardens – Image Taken July 10, 2012 – In Pennsylvania, the NCR Trail is also known as the Heritage Rail Trail Park

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