NCR Trail – Cats on the Railroad

NCR Trail – Cats – Railroad

When walking the trail, it is possible to see cats. While walking from the Railroad, Pennsylvania parking lot, these two felines were observed relaxing, and doing some cleaning! There is a house behind the shrubs in the background. I assume these cats are near their home!

I have seen these critters on previous walks.

I often start my walk from the 3 mile marker and work my way down towards the 4 (South of Taylor Hill Road), the 5 mile marker (North of trail overpass at Walker Road) or even the 6 mile marker in Glen Rock (Valley Street).

In Railroad their is a Restroom, several benches, a parking lot and a covered picnic table. It is a great place to start your walk. This part of the trail is all hill climbing South towards New Freedom or descending North toward Glen Rock!

Digital Image of Cats along the NCR Trail in Railroad, Pennsylvania

Image Taken July 14, 2012 – – In Pennsylvania, the NCR Trail is also known as the Heritage Rail Trail Park.

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