NCR Trail – BeeTree Wildlife

NCR Trail – BeeTree – Chicken on duty!

You just never know who or what is watching you as you travel the trail. This chicken had an eye on travelers along the trail at the 16.5 mile marker. This was at the BeeTree Rd and NCR Trail intersections. There are 2 or 3 parking spaces near this intersection.

This part of the trail is frequented by walkers, bicyclers, fishermen, horseback riders and at-least one photographer. I have found when walking, to speak up as you approach horses and horseback riders. This helps to let the horse know a human is approaching and that there is no need to be alarmed. Likewise when I am bicycling and coming up on horse back riders, I slow down and speak up to let the riders and horses know I am approaching. Here is a pretty good page for trail etiquette. It is a good idea to be considerate!

Digitial Image of wildlife along the NCR Trail - BeeTree at the 16.5 mile marker

NCR Trail – BeeTree Area – Image taken August 16, 2014 – In Maryland, the NCR Trail is also known as The Northern Central Railroad Trail and the Torrey C. Brown Rail

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