NCR Trail – Ashland

NCR Trail – Ashland – Walk of August 8, 2014

This was a short walk of 2 miles. I started at the Papermill Parking lot, proceeded South to the 0 Ashland Mile Marker and walked North to the bridge, North of the 1 mile marker, and then back to the Papermill parking lot. On this walk I noticed plenty of people walking, jogging. etc. Some people alone, others with strollers, a number of couples and and least one with a dog.

At the Ashland part of the trail there is a placard explaining the existence of the Ashland Furnace. The Ashland Furnace produced Iron from around 1846 up to 1884. According to the July 23, 1884 edition of The SUN, changes in Market including cost to make product and cost of transportation contributed to the closing of the Ashland Furnace.,

At the Gunpowder Falls, there was a man with two children fishing from the bridge. The man was looking at the water trying to see if there were any fish. The water was not clear making it hard to tell..

When I started my return, I passed a fisherman carrying two nice size fish in a shopping bag. He had his fishing rod draped over his shoulder. He must have been done fishing for the day. Like me he was probably making his way back to his vehicle at the Paperrmill lot.

I took this image of a tree. When I got home I did some research and if I am correct, it is an Black Ash. Seems they are more common in the North Eastern and North Central states. If anyone knows different please correct me.

Digital Image of a Black Ash Tree along the NCR Trail.

NCR Trail, Tree along the side of the trail. According to my research this is a Black Ash Tree.

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