Loggers Trail – Oregon Ridge

Loggers Trail – Oregon Ridge

is the red blazed trail. This image is taken along the lower elevation part of the trail.

This is the most Western Part of the Loggers Trail.

Further along the trail is a climb towards the Ridge Trail Junction.

On this walk a detour back down the Ridge Trail a few hundred feet, yielded the Gazebo.

A place to take some pictures, read the displays and view the vegetation.

The walk was during a weekday so the traffic on the trail was sparse.

With the combined Red Blazed Loggers Trail and Orange Blazed Lake Trail, the total walk was a little over 2  miles.

Be aware the other entrance to Oregon Ridge Park will be having the Star Spangled Spectacular and the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra July 3 and 4 2015,. Check out the link for more information!

Digital Image of the Lower Part of the Loggers Trail - Oregon Ridge Park

Image Taken May 26, 2015



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