Loggers Trail – Oregon Ridge Park

Loggers Trail – An Introductory Visit.

Its early Spring and leaves have not shown themselves!

It is incredible the amount of work that has gone into keeping this park going.

Devastation over the years to the trees and brush have been countered with volunteers maintaining the area including the planting of new trees and brush!

On this walk, the Ridge, Loggers and Baltimore Genesis Trails were explored. The Ridge Trail actually short cuts some of the Loggers Trail. See the map at the Oregon Ridge Park website.

On this day, loggers (perhaps for the Gas Pipeline company) were cutting trees along the pipeline which cuts through the park.. Thier chain saws ripped through some of the peace and quiet!

A family with dog, children and camera were resting up at the Loggers trail overlook.

Check out some of the up coming events at the Oregon Ridge Nature Center!

Digital Image on the Loggers Trail - Red Trail - Oregon Ridge Park

Image Take April 2 , 2015

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