Little Falls – Torrey C Brown Trail – White Hall – Parkton – Maryland

Little Falls – Torrey C Brown Trail

A favorite stop along the Torrey C Brown Trail at about the 12.2 mile marker in the White Hall – Parkton, area of Maryland is the Little Falls.

There is a table with awning at the point of the trail.

Behind the table is a path down to several boulders.

This image was shot from those boulders.

One must watch their step as there are crevices in between the boulders.

The boulders can be slippery!

A fenced area allows for a safer view directly from the trail.

This point of the trail can be accessed from the (South) parking lot in White Hall (~ 11.8 mile marker).

The view is also accessible from the (North) parking lot at Frederick Road in Parkton.


Digital Image of the Little Falls - Torrey C Brown Trail - 12.2 mile marker

Image Taken July 8, 2012

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