Lake Williams – Jacobus Pennsylvania

Lake Williams – Jacobus Pennsylvania

has a boat launch, picnic, parking area off of Water Street.

This is a view of one of the picnic areas and the lake.

We usually do a soft launch of our kayaks from this area.

We launch and use Hurricane Santee Sport 126 Kayaks.

There is a boat launch (for trailered boat launches) to the left of where this image was taken .

Lake Williams is a nice quiet area to fish, kayak, picnic or meditate!

There are trails to walk!

This was a weekday visit.

A cold front came through the previous evening so temperatures were down from 80 plus degrees to low 60’s.  It was windy!

There were no boaters out on Lake Williams during my visit this time.

Lake Williams is part of the  William H. Kain County Park.

Digital Image of View of Lake Williams - Jacobus Pennsylvania

Image Taken May 13, 2015

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