Lake Williams – Autumn Video – 2014 – Jacobus

Lake Williams – Autumn 2014

This video was taken on Thursday October 16, 2014. It is from the picnic area off of Water Street in Jacobus, Pennsylvania. Several videos were taken on the same day. The camera was platformed on the picnic bench and re-aimed at the start of the recording. Here is one of the videos!

Listen to the birds in the background!

Reflection of the trees off the water is spectacular.

The lake is rather calm.

An occasional wind gust can be heard over the camera microphone.

The cars noise is coming from Water Street up the hill and behind the camera.

We Kayak on this lake with the Santee 126 Sport by HurricaneDigital Thumbnail Image of Lake Williams - Santee 126 Sport Kayak




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Digital Image of Lake Williams during Autumn 2014

Image taken October 16, 2014

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