Kayaking Lake Williams – July 7 2017 – York County – Pennsylvania

Kayaking Lake Williams on July 7 was fun.

Our visit to the Southwestern part of the lake yielded a view of this Black Crowned Night-Heron.

Fish could be seen jumping out of the water at various parts of the lake.

The lake water level was low compared to a week or two prior.

The boat launch was closed to boat trailers and cars (because of the level).

(August 8, 2017 – I visited the Lake Williams area and noticed the lake water level is coming back up. The boat launch is open again)

Carry in boats were ok to launch.

There was plenty of parking available

One lady was making her way around the lake on one a paddle board.

On the front portion of the paddle board was a quiet and content dog.

We had a great time Kayaking Lake Williams!

Kayaking Lake Williams - Black Crowned Night-Heron

Lake Williams – July 7, 2017