Kayak – Lake Marburg II


Kayak Run on Lake Marburg Digital Image of Don Morgan With Hurricane Santee 126 Sport

One day after our first run in our new kayaks, we went back for another kayak adventure! We started out from the main boat launch area right around noon. We had fog at home in the morning. That delayed our adventure.

We use the main boat launch area off of Sinsheim Road. There are other launch areas but this one has a useful service before we shove off!

For this trip we packed lunches.

On this day, Sunday September 21, 2014, the winds were hardly noticeable resulting in a lake that was much more calm compared to Saturday. There were more boats, kayaks, canoes on the water and more people fishing and relaxing along the sides of the lake!

I believe we improved out paddling technique from the first day. Watching YouTube videos the evening before help us improve.

We were out for three hours on a warm (upper 70’s) and sunny day.

We are really enjoying our Hurricane Santee Sport 126 Kayaks

These kayaks are very easy to carry. They are only about 40 lbs. We carry the kayaks up the hill, (my wife carries her own kayak with one hand), lay them in the grass  and bring the car around to the kayaks. This gets us out of the way of others using the launch and gives us time to load and secure the kayaks to the car.

Were looking forward to our next kayak adventure!

Santee Kayak on Lake Marburg
Article written September 21, 2014


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