Kayak at Lake Marburg

Kayak at Lake Marburg – Our first Kayaking Run on Lake Marburg

We made our maiden voyage on our Sit-in Kayaks Hurricane Santee Sport 126 Kayaks.

The Santee Sport 126 Kayaks were a pleasure to ride. We had a strong head wind going out and were able to slice through the waves fairly easily. We made the right choice in our selection and purchase!

We enjoyed the trip so much the Kayaks are still loaded on the Trailblazer! We plan on going again tomorrow.

There were pontoon boats, canoes, small motor boats, other kayaks, boats with dogs, and boats with kids sharing the lake on this Saturday, September 20, 2014. People were cruising, rowing, fishing, and just plain enjoying the day!

Minor lesson learned, tomorrow were taking food and sodas with us, on the Santees!

We were on the water for about 2 and 3/4 hours. There was Sun and a high of about 75 degrees.

Image of Kayak on Lake Marburg


This  Article written September 20, 2014

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