Journey – LaHo Trail

Journey – Laho Trail – Codorus State Park

Just outside of Hanover (about a mile and a half East on Route 216) there is a parking lot and a trail that circles the Wildasin Flats.
The LaHo Trail is about 1.75 miles. It is an up and down hike.
Some areas may be muddy depending on how long it has been since it has rained.
There are some walking bridges.
There are some great views of the flats!
Turtles, wild birds and other wildlife are in abundance at certain times of the year.
This tends to be a popular trail!
Some of the trail is on the side of Route 216.
It makes for a nice walk.
Check out the trail!

Journey - LaHo Trail - One Point Seven Five Miles

Image Taken December 15, 2015

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