Island Camping – Wild Horse – Assateague – Maryland

Island Camping – Assateague

Wild Horses Galloping through the campground is a common happening on Assateague Island.

This horse was seen galloping from the beach and through the H and G Loops of Assateague State Campground.

As the sunsets the horses will move from camp pad to camp pad scrounging for food and grazing on the plants between the pads!

Campers are not suppose to feed the animals.

There are stiff fines for doing so.

In the mage is one of three  galloping through on Thursday afternoon, October 8, 2015.

These wild horses are considered a National Treasure!

Island Camping is available at the Assateague State Park Campground and at the  Assateague Island National Seashore Campgrounds.

Even if you do not camp, check out the parks for  beach activity  kayaking, educational  and wildlife aspects!

Island Camping - Digital Image of a Wild Horse at Assateaque State Park Campground

Image Taken October 8, 2015

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