Interesting Walk – NCR Trail – Phoenix

Interesting Walk – June 16, 2016

An Interesting walk on the NCR Trail started at the Phoenix (MD) Parking Lot.

This is at the 2 mile marker on the trail

This was a muggy day for a walk. About 70 degrees with high humidity.

At the 2.75 mile marker two deers crossed the trail.

I assume they were going down to get water.

This walk apexed at the 4 mile marker about a quarter mile North of the Sparks Parking lot.

The deer were  not in sight on the return.

As I was approaching the 2 mile marker and the Phoenix parking lot, I heard an electrical arcing sound and an explosion!

I stepped up pace to get back to the parking lot. I took a look around.

Downed electrical lines and smoke could be seen between Phoenix Road and the NCR Trail.

This is not a great place to get a cel signal!

After walking around I finally got a call through to 911 and told them about the fire and downed lines.

Right after 911 and I disconnected another arcing sound and explosion sound occurred.

The fire died down!

A local resident drove by.

He was out of power and asked if someone called it in!

He left unhappy!

I left once the fire department arrived (about 9 minutes after the call).

So, Thursday’s walk involved a bit of wildlife and ended with a bit of fireworks!

Deer on the NCR Trail

Image Taken June 16, 2016

Interesting Walk - Deer on the NCR Trail

Image Taken June 16, 2016

Interesting Walk - Damaged Power Lines and Smoke

Image Taken June 16, 2016

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