Howard Tunnel

The Howard Tunnel of the Heritage Rail Trail Park

is located near the 15 mile marker and North of Seven Valleys.

The image was taken in December of 2012. This is a Northbound view.

Wildlife can be seen along this part of the trail see this later post.

To get to the Howard Tunnel, I parked at the Brillhart Station Parking lot at about the 17 mile marker and walked South. York County lists the Tunnel at the 15 mile marker.

When I walk the trail I often wear my Garmin Forerunner GPS. I use it to keep track of  of my mileage, and my pace. It also does position and calories! I have had mine for a number of years and get good use out of it! The Garmin Forerunners are rechargeable! You can also download your Garmin Forerunner onto a Garmin Connect Program! The program allows you to collect the Garmin Data and view stats on your walks, runs, or rides! The Garmin Forerunner GPS had a One-Year Consumer Limited  Warranty when I got it. I did not need it!

One fun thing I did with the Garmin Forerunner GPS was to wear it when I mowed the lawn. I found it took about 5 miles to mow the 4 acres of lawn on a tractor!

Digital Image of the NCR Trail - Howard Tunnel

The Howard Tunnel on the NCR Trail. The NCR Trail is known as the Heritage Rail Trail Park in Pennsylvania.

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