Heritage Rail Trail Park – NCR Trail

Heritage Rail Trail Park – NCR Trail

While on a walk, at around the 11 mile marker I encountered these farm animals.

Looks like there may have been a conversation going on. Seems there is an event management company in the UK. I do not think the Goose on the right or Goose on the left are involved!

If you look closely there is a cat tail at the bottom left.

The Cow looked a bit busy.

It is this kind of scene along the trail, that would make a great reason to take the kids along for a walk or stroll! They would probably get a kick out of this!

This walk was made on a cool autumn day in October 2012. Leaves were changing, making for a colorful walk. On this particular walk I started at Hanover Junction and headed North towards the Howard Tunnel.

Digital Image of Farm Animals along the Heritage Rail Trail Park

Image Taken October 14, 2012 – Near the Heritage Rail Trail 11 mile marker – The NCR Trail is known as the Heritage Rail Trail Park in Pennsylvania

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