Heritage Rail Trail Park – Howard Tunnel

Heritage Rail Trail Park – Howard Tunnel – York County – Pennsylvania

This tunnel is located at the 15 mile marker.

On March 10, 2016, a couple of young ladies were walking along the trail and taking pictures.

While passing them at the 13.5, one asked where the Howard Tunnel was.

I mentioned it was at the 15 mile marker, about a mile and a half up the trail.

I continued my walk toward the tunnel.

My goal was to get 4 miles in for the day.

On my way back down the trail the two ladies were encountered again making their way toward the tunnel.

They were at about the 14.75 so they only had s short distance to go.

I let them know they were almost there.

There is a bend in the trail so the tunnel cannot be seen until your almost upon it!

The Glatfelters Station Rd parking lot is a short distance North of the 13 mile marker.

This is where I parked for the walk on this day.

To keep the 4 mile goal, this walk started out going South to the 13 and then looping back North to the Howard Tunnel.

By the time I got back top the parking lot I assume the ladies had reached their goal and have the pictures they were after!

It was a nice day for a walk!

Digital Image of the Howard Tunnel - York County - Pennsylvania - Heritage Rail Trail Park

Image take March 10, 2016

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