Gunpowder Falls – From Bunker Hill Bridge

A downstream view of the Gunpowder Falls from the Bunker Hill Road Bridge.

August is a popular time of the year for tubing the Gunpowder Falls. This area is one place where people park and launch their tubes for a trip down stream.

Trout fishing is popular in this stream. At the time this image was taken I did not see anyone tubing or fishing. There were plenty of parked cars around.The South Trail runs through this area and some of the people owning those parked cars may have been hiking.

On the opposite side of the stream (north side at this point), a man pulled up in a truck and dropped a thermometer into the water. I have observed in various articles that water temperature is important to the success of the fish population. The Maryland Department of Natural Resources and the Maryland Chapter of Trout Unlimited have worked together in the past to manage the Gunpowder Falls.

Digital Image of the Gunpowder Falls

Image taken August 14, 2014

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