General Merchandise – Heritage Rail Trail

General Merchandise Building – Heritage Rail Trail

Temperature was in the upper 60’s for an April 6, 2015 walk from Railroad, Pennsylvania down to the the 5.75 mile marker between Seitzland  and Glen Rock. The trail from the 3 mile marker down to the 4 mile marker was very busy. Walkers, runners, bicyclers, people with dogs and people with toddlers in strollers. The crowd thinned a little beyond the 4 mile marker but there was still a fair share on the trail.

One site that caught my eye was the E.K. Krebs – General Merchandise Building. A few years ago the area outside this building was  a mess. Trash piling up on the outside and sometimes migrating to the trail.

It now appears the area has been cleaned up and someone or some people have been working hard to restore and improve the grounds and the building. It is actually looking like a masterpiece! Work continues. There is a stack of bricks on the East side of the tracks just waiting for assembly into the building structure.

A little research indicates E.K. Krebs was Edwin K Krebs. He was the merchant at Seitzland. Mr Krebs was very much involved with his church. Mr. Krebs is also credited with a patent on a Train Pipe Coupling!  Check out Railway Review for more information!

One word of caution on the Trail. There has been some washout of the trail at the Northern side of Rail View Court. The trail is a bit rough. If you are  not expecting it, it can be awkward on the footing!

Digital Image of the General Merchandise Building along the Heritage Rail Trail

Image Taken April 6, 2015 with Iphone 5

In Pennsylvania the Northern Central Rail Trail is also known as the Heritage Rail Trail Park and the NCR Trail


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