Flap Jack – Days End Final Look

Flap Jack – Days End Final Look

A crystal Clear Day’s view up  the Flap Jack Trail on the mountain at Vail.

This image was taken from the Northwoods Express Lift Number 11.

The bottom of Flap Jack and the Northwoods Lift can get very busy at the latter part of the day.

Many skiers (at that time) are tired and making their way off the mountain after a long day of skiing.

The Junction of the Northwoods Trail dropping into Flap Jack can be seen on the left .

Flap Jack starts out at an elevation of about 11,000 feet.

The Bottom of Northwoods Lift is at about 9,750 feet.

The journey up the Northwoods Lift is a rise up to 11,250 feet at the Buffalo’s, Henry’s Hut area.

Yes, this article is written in August of 2015.

It is nice to look back reminisce.

It is great to ski in Colorado and Vail!

Digital Image of the Northwoods Express - Flap Jack Trail

Image Taken February 25, 2006


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