Fair Hill

Horses, Hiking and Camping at Fair Hill, Maryland!

Saw Mill Field Loop – Fair Hill – Horseback Riding

Saw Mill Field Loop – Fair Hill NRMA – Natural Resources Management Area This is a Carriage Trail. One of several at Fair Hill. This is accessable from the Gallaher Road Parking Lot, the Camping barn facilities or one of the several other carriage loop trails in the park. Soldier  a Plantation Walking Horse, makes for a great ride on a Friday […]

Digital Image - Saw Mill Field - Fair Hill - Maryland

Digital Image of the Horse Stalls at Fair Hill, Maryland

Horseback Riding and Accommodations at Fair Hill

Horseback Riding and Accommodations at Fair Hill – Maryland are pretty good. In the image are the horse barns with plenty of stalls. Behind the photographer is a line of camp pads for RV trailers. People also trailer and camp on the grass (field) during competitions and other events. This image was taken at the start of a camp and horse […]

Digital Image of a Fair Hill Maryland - Parking Lot area

Fair Hill – Appleton Road

Fair Hill, Maryland – Appleton Road parking is available for horse trailers, bicyclers and trail hiker/walkers. There is a small fee for parking at this location. Please obey the signs! This parking is at the blue trail of the Natural Resources Management area. The Blue trail is just under 4 miles in length. Those using the blue trail can access other […]

Fair Hill – Saw Mill Road

From this point of view Saw Mill Road at Fair Hill looks empty. There are times however when this road is busy. Travelers on this road could be Horseback Riders just setting out for a ride. There could be riders setting out for an equine competition on Saw Mill Field. Yet again it may be bicycle riders making their way around […]

Digital Image of Saw Mill Road in Fair Hill, Maryland