Fair Hill – Hiking

Fair Hill – Hiking

There are plenty of trails to hike within the Fair Hill Natural Resources Management Area. The area occupies over 5,500 acres of land in Cecil County, Maryland.

I have had the opportunity to hike and horseback ride many of the trails. People also jog and bike the trails. Dog walking is also one of the activities on the trails!

This is one of the trails and a tunnel that cross under Gallaher Road in the Southern area of the park!

While hiking it is not uncommon to see horse shows, practices,  trials, camping and various other equestrian activities taking place.

Sometimes the halls or buildings are rented for antique shows, flea markets and other demonstrations. So a detour from hiking is quite possible!

There are usage fees so check these out and obey them at the parking lot.

Fair Hill Maryland  - Tunnel Under Gallaher Road


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