Down Hill – Railroad PA – Heritage Rail Trail Park

Down Hill walk starting at the 3 mile mark in the Borough of Railroad, Pennsylvania.

This was a nice walk down to the 5 mile marker and back to the 3.

The water treatment plant is off image on the left.

The green fencing in the distance is at the top of  Bridge 182+42.

The bridge was built by the Northern Central Railway in 1871.

More info on the Bridge is available at Wikipedia!

The bridge is at about the 3.4 mile marker.

A little further down hill is a cross over where the trail crosses and travels the West side of the tracks.

At the 3.65 mile marker are two benches for those who want to take a break.

This trail can get busy. Especially on weekends!

Get out and enjoy the trail!

Digital Image Downhill - Heritage Rail Trail Park - Railroad PA

Image Taken December 12, 2015

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